May 29, 2016

Grey Rainbow (A Thai Love Story)

So I stumbled upon a very nice, gay love story on YouTube. It's entitled "Grey Rainbow" and it's the story of Porsche and Nuer.

The story started during their last year in college, when Nuer’s girlfriend broke up with him, because she suspects that Nuer is bisexual. Porsche had suppressed all his feelings for his long-time friend and roommate Nuer until the night of Nuer’s break-up.

Grey Rainbow

It was that night that Porsche confirmed that Nuer’s girlfriend is right – he has feelings for Porsche all along. Their feelings for each other developed until they decided to get married (not legally though). I thought that it’s the end of the love story, since marriage is normally the conclusion of love stories.

Until Nuer’s ex-girlfriend Jane came back, this time with a daughter out of wedlock. So the love story became complicated. You have to watch the rest of the series to find out what happened. The thing I like about this love story is the cinematography and how it incorporates several themes that are relevant to society today.

The short story also talks about LGBT rights, coming out to parents, gay marriage, adoption, how society views homosexuality, non-traditional family, history, etc. I always love Thai gay love stories. This one is definitely worth watching.


The film ended in a more elaborate Thai wedding but there’s a twist to it. I also love the film’s use of aerial video and the music (although it’s also in Thai).

Thank you to Paper Plane Subs for the English subtitle. Lead actors are Nutchapon Rattanamongkol (Nuer) and Kasidej Hongladaromp (Porsche).

Gray Rainbow (2016)-1Grey Rainbow 2Grey Rainbow 3

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