September 22, 2010

Picasa: BlogThis!

I am checking out how to post pictures on our blog faster. I am using Picasa and it's associated with Blogger! I just noticed it today.

I selected a picture to upload and Green Lantern, one of my favorite cartoon character, is staring me in Picasa! So here it is everyone, I bring you, Green Lantern!

Speaking of Green Lantern, I already watched the animated film and it was good! I've also seen the Green Lantern Corps appeared in Batman: The Brave and The Bold. It's wonderful!

I'm not sure if my Better-Half Oreo is into animation as well. I do hope he is! We'll be watching cartoon series together in front of your TV in our own living room. Just one year from now, and we'll be enjoying the joys and pains of living together.

Happy 1st Year Anniversary by the way My Love!
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