August 16, 2016

Jongens (Boys) 2014 Film

It’s raining for almost 2 weeks now, non-stop, due to #Habagat2016. So I’m stuck at home for the longest time ever and I’ve been watching films – a lot of it.

One of the most beautiful film I watched lately (based on a recent Facebook suggestion of feel-good gay movies) is “Jongens” (translated as “Boys”). It’s a 2014 coming of age drama movie produced in the Netherlands (Dutch or Holland). It stars Gijs Blom, Ko Zandvliet, Jonas Smulders and Stijn Taverne and was directed by Mischa Kamp. The film was released on February 9, 2014.

Sieger (Blom) and Stef (Taverne) were best friends who qualified as runners along with Marc (Zandvliet) and Tom. They compose a 4-man relay team. Sieger and Marc became close to each other but Sieger is still not sure about his sexuality.


Jongens 2Jongens 3Jongens 4Jongens 5Jongens 6

BoysKo Zandvliet

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