June 3, 2015

Mark McMahon for Convergys’ “Give A Bag Of Hope”

Mark Elardo McMahon is a Scottish-Filipino who gained popularity when he became a model of Bench and a player for Azkals. He’s now the face of Convergys’ “Give A Bag Of Hope” campaign.

Several posters of Mark McMahon with a kid and a blue bag from Convergys are all over our site. LCD monitors were even placed in our elevator lobbies to play the following video/commercial 24/7.

Give A Bag Of Hope 

“Give A Bag Of Hope” is the newest charitable campaign of Convergys Philippines to give bags of school supplies to pupils from chosen elementary schools. There are 3 ways Convergys’ employees can give these blue bags of hope:

  1. By referring – through the Convergys’ Employee Referral Program (ERP). Convergys’ employees are encouraged to refer their family, and friends to apply.
  2. By donating school supplies – including writing notebooks, composition notebooks, pencils, sharpeners, erasers and crayons. CVG employees are encouraged to have their family and friends make a donation to this worthy cost.
  3. By salary deduction – of P500 per bag. A signed Salary Deduction Form will do the trick.

If you want to help in this campaign (and also land a job) why don’t you start by sending your resume to elmerlovesoreo(at)gmail(dot)com and I’ll forward it to our site HR.

#ConvergysPH #GiveABagOfHope

Let’s give a bag of hope.

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